SMSFs wanting six members – Townsends Law ready to assist

With 6-member funds likely to become a reality very soon, if you or your clients want to establish or vary their fund to accommodate 6 members we’re ready to help.

Jeff Song at Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers said they are ready to assist with: 

Processes – our precedents are ready to take an order for a 6-member fund with the necessary changes to the various establishment documents.

  • Corporate trustee – we are ready to set up your corporate trustee with 6 director/members and with the necessary amendments to the various constituent documents of the company and the weighted voting by directors to better reflect their account balances in the fund
  • Fund deed – we’re ready with the relevant trustee powers not to mention the acknowledgement that the fund can have 6 members, and here also there’s the power to have weighted voting to protect the interests of members with materially higher account balances.

So, whether you want a 6-member fund because of a large family or you want to use the fund as a retirement vehicle for a number of different families, Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers are ready to help.

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