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Townsends Lawyers Superannuation Division assists clients to successfully navigate the legal and regulatory complexities of superannuation, especially self managed superannuation.

After the family home, superannuation could be your biggest asset. That asset must be protected and enhanced. It is vital that our super provides a comfortable lifestyle after our working lives end – a period that gets longer with improving longevity.

For both advisers and members of a self managed superannuation fund, our comprehensive services are invaluable. Establishment, updating, amendment, compliance, transactions, pensions, winding-up, estate planning – we cover the whole life-cycle of an SMSF with all the advice and documents the fund and its members need.

Public Offer Superannuation

If you’re in a public offer fund, we can also help you to understand your entitlements, represent you in any discussions with your trustee, and if necessary assist with disputes, including complaints to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.

SMSF Borrowing

Limited recourse borrowing by a SMSF requires considerable attention to detail. The laws, regulations and industry practices relating to superannuation, trusts, conveyancing, banking and state duty must all be handled with care to ensure compliance and avoid extra tax, duty or unnecessary and potentially expensive delay. Few law firms have the breadth of experience of Townsends Lawyers in covering all these fields at a reasonable price. We’ve been practising in this area since the law was first changed in 2007 and have handled hundreds of matters for clients all over Australia.

SMSF Deeds

Want to set up a new self managed superannuation fund? Our fund establishment product not only contains a top quality trust deed but a whole suite of documents to help you complete all the steps required in setting up the fund, understanding the trustee’s obligations, retaining important fund records, and ensuring future compliance of the fund through appropriate documents.

SMSF Pensions

For all the necessary documentation required when starting an account based or transition to retirement pension, refreshing pre-existing pensions, and consolidating multiple pensions.

SMSF Wills

Do you know precisely what will happen to your super benefit on your death? Would you like to protect your family’s inheritance against their creditors or former spouses? Are you absolutely sure that the family you leave behind will deal with your super in the way you want? Will the fund survive your death and continue for the benefit of the other members? Townsends Lawyers offers the chance to fool-proof your super benefits and to ensure that your benefits and your fund are dealt with in exactly the way you planned. Some people call that an SMSF Will – we call it protecting those most dear to you.


Townsends provide all the legal documentation and advice required for successfully administering your SMSFs.

Trustee Powers of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney can be used by trustees who are intending to be absent overseas for an extended period. They need to be very sure that the residency issues relating to the fund are properly dealt with. Any slip could lead to the fund being ruled non-resident and therefore ineligible for tax concessions – a disaster. Our suite of documents provides all the necessary advice, a full explanation of the steps involved and all necessary documents.