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Business Services

Running a business of any size involves risk. Like a virtual in-house counsel, we work closely and proactively with our business clients in providing strategic advice, documentation and compliance and negotiation support to reduce the inevitable risk of operating a business while at the same time adding to its growth potential. Our services for our business clients can be divided into four stages of the business life-cycle: establishment, operations, expansion and exit.

Business Establishment

Setting up a new business is an exciting time with lots to do, but don’t neglect the crucial decisions like choosing the right structure, ensuring your personal assets are protected, setting up all the legal compliance systems, and reaching agreement with any co-owners.

Business Exit

Whether your exit is planned via a succession plan or sale, or unplanned through an unexpected offer or financial difficulties, the rules are the same at every step: plan, negotiate, document.

Business Expansion

Once the business is up and running you may want to expand through franchising, licensing, expanded sales and distribution or even by buying a similar business.

Business Operations

To safeguard your personal assets and minimise risk, you need quality legal protection every day of your business life-cycle, and that only comes from sound legal documents and advice right from the start; whether focused on your customers (sales terms or trade practices advice), your suppliers (agency, distribution or consignment agreements), or your staff (employment contracts or termination advice).