For all the necessary documentation required when starting an Account Based or Transition to Retirement Pension, and refreshing pre-existing pensions and consolidating multiple pensions.

This e-Form allows you to order pension documents for one member only. If you would like to order a pension for a second member, please submit completed instructions again.


SMSF Deeds

Bulk update program

To ensure that all your SMSF funds are fully SIS compliant, or to update a number of funds from an individual SMSF structure to corporate, your firm may wish to use our special bulk update services.


Change of Holding Trustee

Townsends Business and Corporate Lawyers offers a start-to-finish service in assisting you with effecting a change of holding trustee(s). We prepare necessary documents to validly add, remove or replace trustee(s) of a holding trust, including all the necessary documents to give you the peace of mind of knowing that the change in trustee was validly effected and recorded. Following the change of holding trustee, we are able to further assist with our implementation service by preparing a documents package to assist with the transfer of the asset in the holding trust from the retiring holding trustee(s) to the new holding trustee(s).


Convert individual SMSF to a corporate trustee (CCC)

To minimise compliance penalties under the new ATO Penalties Regime, to convert an individual SMSF to a corporate structure, including company establishment, change of trustee and premium or standard conversion deed in just one easy online form with a substantial bundled product rebate.

$1,143.05 - $1,477.45

Optional Update

Townsends Lawyers SMSF Deed is updated annually so you have the option of choosing to update the fund's governing rules at a time to suit your client's needs.

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SMSF Deeds

Townsends Lawyers SMSF Deed provides all the documents you need to set up a new SMSF or convert your existing SMSF Trust Deed by using our specially priced conversion service.

New SMSF Deed
Conversion Deed - Standard
Conversion Deed - Premium

$396.00 - $1323.00

SMSF Gearing

SMSF Gearing

SMSF borrowing requires expert attention to detail. For all the necessary advice and documentation required for a successful SMSF gearing, and to order the needed components from our full suite of gearing services, use this online form.


SMSF Gearing Unwinding

This document package assists with the concessional transfer of the asset in a SMSF Gearing transaction back into the super fund upon repayment of the loan. Additional implementation service is also available (NSW only) to streamline the process.

SMSF Property Transfers

Change of Trustee Implementation

Once there has been a change in the trustees of an SMSF, the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) requires all fund assets to be held in the name of the new trustee, including all individual trustees.


SMSF Acquiring Property with Stamp Duty Concession

The following states offer concessional duty on transfers of business real property from a member into their SMSF, including NSW (s62A), WA (s122) and VIC (s41).

$1,485.00 - $2,640.00

SMSF Services

Change of Fund Name

This Document pack provides the relevant documents to change the name of an SMSF.


Change of SMSF Trustee

Changing the Trustee of an SMSF is not as simple as it might appear. There are a number of issues to consider and a number of documents needed to properly effect and record the change.

$385.00 - $495.00

Enduring Power of Attorney and SMSF Replacement Trustee Documents

These documents are designed for a member of SMSF to have another person acting as a trustee (or a director of the corporate trustee) of their fund on their behalf.

$550.00 - $750.00