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Life's Too Serious


A man takes his Rotteweiller to the vet...

Further developments on double stamp duty provisions for SMSFs borrowing to buy property in NSW


Last year in September we wrote about changes to section 18 of the NSW Duties Act which appeared to provide more flexibility to SMSFs borrowing to buy investment property and entering into Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements.

Myth busting the view that leases need to be assigned when selling a property


It's a common misconception that selling a property means an existing lease agreement needs to be "assigned". What is an assignment of a lease and when does this need to occur?

Product of the month - Disclaimer document for unlicensed accountants and tax agents


An accountant who does not hold the appropriate AFS Licence, or who is not the authorised representative of an AFS Licensee, needs to tread carefully when a client comes to them looking to set up a SMSF or requiring services or advice relating to SMSFs.

Signing a Deed: Are you wearing too many hats?


In a legal context we are often required to assume multiple responsibilities or assume multiple roles. For example the same person can be the shareholder of a company, a director or that company and even an employee of the company as well.