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Product of the month - change of fund name


We often receive enquiries from clients who wish to change the name of their SMSF, due to a number of reasons, and are now wondering how to make sure their SMSF documentation reflects this change.

Changes to the treatment of step-children and de facto spouses under succession laws


Walt Disney did stepmothers no favours when he created "Maleficent", the wicked stepmother in "Snow White". Thanks to her it is now a given that stepmothers are out to do the husband's children considerable harm and need to be guarded against. But this is not necessarily true at all.

SMSFs and Crowdfunding: a match made in Heaven or Hell?


Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) will shortly be able to invest in potentially high-growth unlisted companies, as a new era of crowd-sourced equity funding begins.

Using your SMSF to invest in wine


Donald and his wife Debra have always been wine enthusiasts, and heard from friends that an SMSF may purchase a collection of wine as an allowable investment under superannuation laws.

Life's Too Serious


In the lead up to Fathers Day in early September, here's a 'dad joke' ...