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Can you really disentitle a person from your Will?


Does violence towards the deceased end the relative's chances of a successful claim against the Will? Elizabeth Wang discusses.

No Joy in Pulling the ATO's Tail


An SMSF trustee who objected to an ATO determination about a breach of a trustee's covenant found himself disqualified as a trustee. Peter Townsend checks the scoreboard when George Hart went up against the ATO.

Don't let your trust fall prey to the surcharge land tax


Trusts that hold or intend to hold residential property in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland may be liable to surcharge land tax and/or surcharge purchaser duty if any of their beneficiaries qualifies as a 'foreign person', regardless of the specified law set out in the trust deed. Julie Hartley explains.

Life's Too Serious


A Canberra musician friend of mine ...

The First Home Super Saver Scheme


The First Home Super Saver Scheme ("FSSS") is intended to assist individuals entering the property market by allowing them to save on tax and receive higher earnings than if the money was invested in a bank account. Julie Hartley outlines the issues.