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When is a residential property a business real property in relation to SMSF?


Whether or not a property is business real property is a common question faced by members who own a property personally and want to transfer it to their SMSF. While the term 'business real property' seems to suggest that a property has to be a commercial property (or other non-residential property) to qualify as such, this isn't always the case. Jeff Song explains.

Life's too serious


Parrot joke ... no, seriously

'Ding-Dong the Witch Is Dead': Development of property in an SMSF with an LRBA after the 2019 Federal Election


In our June newsletter, we considered potential superannuation compliance issues of using an SMSF to develop a property without any limited recourse borrowing arrangement ('LRBA') in place. Now that the threat to limited recourse borrowing posed by the Labor opposition has passed Jeff Song looks at what SMSFs can now do in property development using an LRBA.

Team-playing: Issues when an SMSF owns only part of a property


Joining with others to buy real estate can have powerful advantages for investors. Elizabeth Wang reviews the main issues trustees should consider when their super fund holds or acquires less than the whole interest in a property.

The Chance to Resign - a Poison Chalice in Dismissal Claims


An employee who is offered the chance to resign by their employer should think long and hard as it may prevent any claim against the employer thereafter no matter how well-placed that claim would otherwise have been. Jim Townsend explains.