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Life's too Serious


Australians will make jokes about anything. We've even found one about the Banking Royal Commission.

Digital assets upon death or incapacity


In the wake of this year's much publicised Cambridge Analytica data breach, and with the rise of digital assets such as cryptocurrency, and other jurisdictions such as Canada enacting legislative changes to address access to digital assets, it is not surprising that the NSW Law Reform Commission has released earlier this year its consultation paper on the current laws affecting access to digital assets in NSW upon death or incapacity.

Can an executor/administrator be personally liable for a deceased's tax liabilities?


In some circumstances the legal personal representative ('LPR') of a deceased person's estate may be personally liable for the outstanding tax-related liabilities of the deceased. Julie Hartley provides some answers.

Don't assume your lender understands the loan to your super fund


With more small lending organisations offering limited recourse loans to self managed super funds, the borrowers and their advisers need to be sure the loans are compliant. Peter Townsend discusses.

Indemnity clauses in trust deeds


Normally, a trustee is personally liable for obligations incurred as trustee in administering the trust and this means the trustee can potentially be sued and have its own assets applied to meet any judgment. Jeff Song provides some insight.