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Can grandparents protect their grandkids' inheritance?


If their kids don't get on with one of the grandkids maybe the grandparents should act to protect that grandchild's inheritance. Peter Townsend has been considering the issue.

Landlords and tenants alike need to focus on the premises' fire safety


A recent instance of a landlord who had not obtained a fire safety statement highlighted the importance of understanding this issue before and during a commercial lease. Jim Townsend discusses the issues.

Loans under Division 7A and the ATO's Safe Harbour Guidelines


A limited recourse loan by a member's family trust to their SMSF might be a Division 7A loan. Can the loan comply with all the rules if it is in fact both types of loan? Elizabeth Wang reports.

Revocation of an Enduring Power of Attorney


Sometimes it's necessary to change your power of attorney in which case you're going to need to revoke the existing appointment. Jim's been hard at work drafting.

Life's too Serious


Ever wanted to join the circus?