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Accountancy Practice Pre-Negotiation Advice To Buyer

Buying an accountancy practice is not like buying any other business. There is much to consider that is specific to the accounting profession. If you’re looking to buy an accountancy practice you must be prepared.


Assignment (Transfer) of Lease

A tenant who wants to leave their commercial premises and transfer the lease to a new tenant needs to ensure all the paperwork is handled properly, particularly if the transfer is connected with the sale of their business.


Assignment of Debt

This Document pack provides the relevant documents to assign (ie transfer) the lender’s rights to receive debt payments.


Buy/Sell Advice Guide

This guide focuses on some of the technical legal and tax issues associated with the creation and implementation of buy/sell arrangements.


Buy/Sell Agreement

Buy/sell arrangements set the ground rules between shareholders of a company, partners of a firm or unit holders of a unit trust as to what is to happen if a shareholder, partner or unit holder dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled (‘TPD’).


Commercial Lease Agreement

The Commercial Lease pack can be used by individuals or companies for the leasing of commercial properties and self managed superannuation funds for the leasing of business real property to a related party. The Commercial lease pack includes a lease and attachment, and includes registration of the lease at the Land Titles Office.

$1375.00 - $2750.00

Company Establishment

Let us take care of all the details and provide you with everything you need to establish a new company.

$719.00 - $796.00

Confidentiality Agreement

A Confidentiality Agreement is an agreement that specifies how the individual or business receiving your confidential information may use that information. We provide a range of agreements that can be used in a variety of situations, including discussions between potential buyers and sellers of a business, between businesses wanting to work together, and between an owner of intellectual property and a business wanting to use that IP.

$165.00 - $330.00

Employment Agreement

NSW Employment Agreement Pack – for permanent award-free employees it is important for both the employer and the employee that their employment agreement sets out all the terms and conditions of the employment relationship. If the employment relationship is not adequately documented it may have adverse consequences for both the employer and employee.


Entitlements under a Will

You can seek our advice on whether you have a claim to a deceased estate if you have been written out of the will or believe you have an entitlement to a larger proportion of the estate.


Family Provision Waiver (NSW)

It might come as a surprise to learn that your former spouse or a spouse from whom you have separated can still make a claim on your deceased estate even though you have left your estate to your children or someone else in your Will. We can draft an agreement for your former spouse to (hopefully agree to) and the subsequent court documents to seek the court’s approval of the agreement.

$550.00 - $1650.00

Letter of Demand

Letter of Demand is a final request for an individual or company to pay monies owed before starting court proceedings.


PPSA Loan Pack - Company Borrower with Fixed Interest Rate

The PPSA Loan Package is designed for use when a loan is made to a Company Borrower, involving all or any of the following documents: Loan Deed; Security Agreement over the Borrower’s Assets; Guarantee and Indemnity from Director/s or other persons.


Restraint of Trade

Whether you are an employee or an employer, we can provide advice on the interpretation and enforceability of a restraint of trade provision.



Change of Name of Trust

This document pack provides the relevant documents to change the name of a trust, whether a family trust, discretionary trust, unit trust, testamentary trust or a hybrid trust. It is not suitable for the change of name of a superannuation fund.


Change of Trustee of a Unit Trust

It is important that you consider these issues before changing the trustee of the trust. Please note that we are not tax advisers and if you are in doubt as to the tax consequences for the trust of a change in trustee you should check with a taxation specialist.


Discretionary Trust Establishment

Still one of the most popular structures for asset protection, tax planning, income smoothing and wealth transfer.


Discretionary Trust Streaming Amendment

The Discretionary Trust Streaming Amendment pack is designed for use when a trust has made a capital gain or is in receipt of franked dividends.

$440.00 - $550.00

Exclusion of Foreign Persons in a Discretionary Trust

Trusts that hold or intend to hold residential property in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland may be liable to surcharge land tax and/or surcharge purchaser duty if any of their beneficiaries qualifies as a 'foreign person', regardless of the specified law of the State set out in the trust deed which governs the trust. The surcharge is in addition to any land tax the trust may already be paying.

$330.00 - $440.00

Hybrid Trust Establishment

They have their critics but Hybrid Trusts continue to be popular. For all of the necessary documents to start a Hybrid Trust along with advice on the traps of using a Hybrid Trust.


Service Agreement

A Service Agreement is an agreement between a discretionary trust as the operator of a professional practice and the professional conducting the practice.


Unit Trust Establishment

For all the benefits of a trust structure with the certainties of a company, a Unit Trust may be just the thing.

$385.00 - $550.00