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Does a criminal record disqualify you from being an SMSF trustee?


If an SMSF trustee gets a criminal record, are they disqualified from continuing to act as such? Jonathan See has been in the dock looking for an answer.

Can a company be appointed as a trustee/director of an SMSF?


Elizabeth Wang walks the tortuous path to the answer to this tricky question.

How effective is a Testamentary Discretionary Trust at protecting beneficiaries of a Will? Part 2


What happens if you decide you want to remove your ex-spouse from the Discretionary Trust? Welcome to Part 2 of the series - a Family Court perspective. Dominique Perry comments.

Australia: Can employers mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for staff?


With lockdowns in New South Wales and Victoria likely to continue until October 2021 and State Premiers saying that easing of lockdown restrictions is tied to achieving various community vaccination rates, what does this mean for employers?