Life's Too Serious


Anthony went into the pub the other day and ordered a beer.

“Thirty dollars please!” said the barman cheerfully.

“Thirty dollars?!” cried Anthony. “It was only ten dollars yesterday!”

“Yes, well,” said the barman, “let me explain. Ten dollars for the beer. Five dollars for the alcohol excise. Three dollars for the distributor. One dollar for the toll road the distributor has to take. Three dollars for the gas subsidy. Two dollars for the health insurance alcohol offset surcharge. One dollar for a donation to Ukraine. Three dollars to offset the sanctions imposed by our neighbouring countries. And two dollars for implementation of our own sanctions against the neighbours.”

Although he wasn’t happy, Anthony nevertheless took out his wallet and handed the barman thirty dollars.

“Thank you,” said the barman, “here’s your change,” and he handed ten dollars straight back to Anthony.

“What’s this for?” asked Anthony.

“We’ve sold out of beer.”