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SMSF Deeds

Conversion to a Townsend's Lawyers SMSF deed

To join Townsends Lawyers optional update service you simply need to convert your current deed to Townsend’s latest version. For funds with deeds that have not been updated for some time you can avoid an expensive bespoke update by using our specially priced conversion service. Not only will you then have the latest in superannuation legal and regulatory compliance but you will be able to update whenever you wish to keep up with legal and industry developments in SMSF.

Lost deeds

There’s nothing more irksome than not being able to locate your super fund’s deed. Townsends Lawyers can help you with advice and documents to enable the fund to adopt a new set of the latest governing rules.

New fund establishment

Want to set up a new self managed superannuation fund? Our fund establishment product not only contains a top quality trust deed but a whole suite of documents to help you complete all the steps required in setting up the fund, understanding the trustee’s obligations, retaining important fund records and ensuring future compliance of the fund through appropriate documents. You can also order your corporate trustee at the same time through the new fund establishment and corporate e-form.

Optional SMSF deed update

When you buy a new self managed superannuation fund from Townsends Lawyers you will receive an annual invitation to an optional update of the trust deed with the latest developments, ensuring that your deed is fully compliant and provides all the powers that the trustees need. The ATO has said on a number of occasions that funds must have the appropriate powers in their deed whenever they take any action, so don’t get caught out and risk non-compliance or a penalty notice.


Our client, SUPERCentral Pty Ltd, also provides a patented trust deed management and update service to SMSFs, allowing self managed superannuation deeds to be proactively kept up-to-date with the latest developments, whether resulting from legislation, case decisions or tax office pronouncements. Trustees never have to worry about amending their SMSF deeds again as SUPERCentral updates their SMSF governing rules whenever necessary once the fund joins the SUPERCentral system. If you would like your SMSF deeds to be updated regularly rather than on an optional basis.