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Change of fund name

A relatively minor process? Yes, but still needing to be done efficiently and professionally.

Change of members

When you change members you are also changing trustees or perhaps the directors of the trustee company. Our service informs you of everything that the fund needs to do to ensure legal and regulatory compliance in the change and to document that change fully and effectively.

Change of trustee

When you change trustees, are you also changing members or are you simply adopting the more sensible approach of having a corporate trustee for your SMSF rather than individual trustees whose death will lead to expensive asset transfers? Either way our service will provide all the necessary documents (there are more than you think) and advice you need at a reasonable fee.

Change of Trustee Implementation

Once there has been a change in the trustees of an SMSF, the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) requires all fund assets to be held in the name of the new trustee, including all individual trustees.

Holding buy/sell insurance inside an SMSF

Buy/sell arrangements set the ground rules between co-owners of a business as to what is to happen if a co-owner dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled (‘TPD’). Often these arrangements involve life insurance to fund the purchase of the share following the death or TPD of the individual. There may be significant benefits of holding that life insurance inside an SMSF, but each case needs to be considered as to whether those benefits apply. If you’d like to know more about this or would like to purchase our Buy/Sell Advice Guide for a detailed explanation of the issues and comparison of the various ways of holding the insurance.

Legal advice on all aspects of operating a self managed superannuation fund

While the administration of SMSFs is considered a clerical task, the vast number of compliance requirements imposed on self managed super requires legal checking and the appropriate documentation whenever a fund takes action. Never take a risk – the cost of non-compliance or breach could be devastating to the fund and to your future superannuation benefits. Contact us for the appropriate advice.