PPSA Loan Pack - Company Borrower with Fixed Interest Rate


The PPSA Loan Pack is designed for use when a loan is made to a Company Borrower involving some or all of the following documents:

  • Loan Deed – sets out the terms of the Loan between the Lender and the Company Borrower.   This is a Fundamental document and you should not proceed without one  $385.00
  • Security Agreement over the Borrower’s Assets.  Formerly known as a Deed of Charge, this secures repayment of the loan by the Company Borrower   $250.00
  • Guarantee and Indemnity from Director/s or other Persons.   This is a security interest for the Lender which must be registered on the PPSR  $150.00
  • OSR Stamping Fee   $50.00
  • PPSR Registration   $50.00

You select only the documents and services you need and each is priced separately so you can calculate the total price of the PPSA documentation.

Please click here to view an Information Sheet on PPSA.