Discretionary Trust Streaming Amendment

$440.00 - $550.00

Following the decision in Bamford's Case and the passing of the Tax Laws Amendment (2011 Measures No.5) Act, trustees of discretionary trusts may need to consider the issue of streaming capital gains or franked dividends to specific beneficiaries. Trust deed amendment may be necessary. However, it may be that no amendment is needed and that the trustee can achieve streaming simply by resolution.

The Discretionary Trust Streaming Amendment pack is designed for use when a Discretionary Trust requires amendment. To review the trust deed including advice on:

  • Definitions of 'income' and 'capital'
  • Whether the deed has a streaming clause
  • Whether that clause is sufficient for the purposes of the legislation
  • Whether the trustee is empowered to characterise types of trust receipts
  • Whether the deed allows the trustee the discretion not to apply carried-forward losses from previous periods
  • Whether the deed allows the trustee discretion and flexibility to determine what expenses should be set off against particular classes of income
  • Whether the deed can be amended and how.


To review the Discretionary Trust Deed  $440.00

To draft a deed amendment and letter of advice  $550.00

You select only the documents and services you need and each is priced separately so that you can calculate the total price of the Streaming Documentation.

Please click here to view an Information Sheet on Discretionary Trust Streaming Amendments.

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