Accountancy Practice Pre-Negotiation Advice To Buyer


Buying an accountancy practice is not like buying any other business.  There is much to consider that is specific to the accounting profession. Things like:

  •          clients aren’t cattle, so how do you convince them to stay?
  •          the seller’s role after completion
  •          the retention sum – calculation, reduction, release
  •          what are billings?
  •          securing key staff
  •          limitation on billings in the first year
  •          the restraint on the seller and the key staff
  •          seller warranties
  •          the practice software

Don’t start your negotiations with a seller under-prepared.  Through our 15-year connection with a professional broker we have handled many sales of accountancy practice and have built up a substantial body of experience and knowledge that you can use to ensure you strike the best deal with the seller and protect yourself to the max.

When you order our advice letter you also receive a complimentary due diligence checklist to help you investigate and check the commercio-legal aspects of the practice.