Confidentiality Agreement

$165.00 - $330.00

Our range of Confidentiality Agreements can protect individuals or businesses when disclosing confidential information to other parties. The Agreements contain the necessary terms to specify how the receiving individual or business may use that information. They can be used in a variety of situations and, upon receipt of specific instructions, can be tailored to suit specific circumstances.

  • Standard Confidentiality Deed (Mutual) – protects both parties as each will reveal confidential information to the other and both parties sign the agreement ($330 inc GST plus disbursements).
  • Standard Confidentiality Deed (Disclosure) – protects the party disclosing the confidential information and both parties sign the agreement even though there is no reciprocal sharing of information by the other party ($330 inc GST plus disbursements).
  • Simple Letter – typically used when an individual or business wants to discuss a confidential matter with a large organisation that is unlikely to sign an agreement, and only the party revealing the information signs the letter specifying that the matter to be discussed is confidential to both parties ($165 incl GST plus disbursements).
  • Confidentiality Deed (Tailored) – used when both parties are revealing confidential matters involving large, highly complex or industry-specific information that requires a comprehensive agreement tailored to their specific needs (price estimate will be provided on receipt of instructions).