Commercial Lease Agreement

$1375.00 - $2750.00

The Commercial Lease pack is used when owners, whether individuals, companies or trustees of trusts, wish to lease commercial properties to tenants and also where self managed superannuation funds lease business real property, by way of a holding trustee, to a related party. The Commercial Lease pack includes a tailored lease which covers matters commonly covered by leases, including the term of the lease, payment of rent and outgoings, annual rent increases, subletting, maintenance, use of premises, rights of the Landlord, security deposit and personal guarantee. However, upon receipt of specific instructions, the lease can be tailored to suit specific needs.

The Commercial Lease pack covers all the necessary steps from:

  • providing instructions;
  • completing the relevant provisions of the lease;
  • obtaining the consent of any mortgagee of the property to the lease;
  • arranging for production of the certificate of title at the Land Titles office;
  • arranging to have the lease registered at the Land Titles office; and
  • notifying the Landlord that the Lease has been registered at the Land Titles office.

Standard Related Party Lease - $1,375 (incl GST) plus disbursements            

Standard Commercial Lease - $2,750 (incl GST) plus disbursements

Certificate of Title Search - $55 (incl. GST)