Introducing Ask.Will™
Ask.Will™ is an online service that takes a brief snapshot of your personal information and uses the latest legislation and tax laws to provide you with an easy to understand overview of your current situation and the things you need to consider for the future when it comes to your will, and estate planning needs.
To be truly effective and to guard against any possible challenges to your will, your estate plan needs to protect your wishes and consider the tax effective transfer of wealth to those you love.
How does it work?
Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked 10 simple questions about your family, assets, superannuation, insurances, lifestyle, and goals. 

Simply answer the questions from each category and complete the relevant details. 
It is quick and simple, taking only around 3 minutes to complete and you can change the information when and as you need. 
What next?
Based on your answers, a comprehensive Ask.Will estate planning summary from Townsends Lawyers, is then made available for you in your Townsends online account to print down.   
Then use it:
  • to check if your existing Will reflects your current life stage situation and important areas
  • ensure you have the correct information to consider the areas you may want include in your Will and estate plan.
We’re also here to help every step of the way – so for a no-obligation discussion as to your requirements, or simply for general assistance please call us on 02 8296 6266 during business hours.